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Organizational Principles and Values

  • “First, Do No Harm” - This ancient Hippocratic Oath guides our relationships with our clients and our service commitments to them. We reserve the right to decline a request for service, consultation, management and support that poses potential or actual harm to others.

  • “Every Client Is a ‘Temple of Meaning’” - We will treat every client and their associated representatives with dignity and respect.

  • “Corporate America Must Have A Conscience” - We will create, develop and sustain initiatives in the communities we serve to enrich the lives and relationships of our neighbors without seeking anything in return.

  • “Good Luck and Be Well” - In the new post-pandemic world we find ourselves in, we pledge ourselves to promoting and sustaining natural and organic forms of healthcare, physical, mental and emotional longevity and well-being across racial, language and class lines.

  • “Every City Has a Soul” - This ancient philosophical stance inspires us to promote the revival of cultural and intercultural awareness through public acts of compassion, peacemaking and celebration of our aspirations through the arts, music and creativity.

  • “Facing the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Indifferent” - We embrace the honesty of our clients as they inform us about the full truth that we need to know to be the best service consultants and providers we can be to them. We also pledge to be completely honest with our clients about what we can do well in a spirit of excellence and success and what we can’t and may need to refer to others. 

  • “We Are In This Together” - We embrace the diversity of culture, heritage, life-experiences and spiritual journeys of our clients and their interpersonal and professional connections. We promote diversity, inclusion and equity approaches to the inner and outer life and workings of our corporate endeavors and those of our strategic partners.

  • “What A Beautiful World” - We acknowledge and commit ourselves to the need to build a sustainable world by implementing the best ecological practices possible in the execution of our work processes on behalf of our clients.

  • “Digital Worlds Without Borders” - We shall continually pursue using the amazing resources of our digital world to build bridges of cooperation, education, mission success and hope with various communities throughout the world, especially in places that are currently not acknowledged in our nation and on the global stage.

  • Teach Them How to Fish” - We believe that human hunger, poverty and despair must end before the middle of this century. We engender the spirit of the “fierce urgency of now” in reference to these evils in the communities we serve. We look forward to partnering with clients and other organizations that seek to empower our brothers and sisters to overcome these challenges through education, advocacy and entrepreneurship.

  • “The Power of Love” - We shall not service, support, endorse or promote any initiative from any individual or entity that is associated with gratuitous forms of human or animal abuse, neglect and violence. We look forward to partnering with clients and strategic associates who are committed to ending the scourge of violence in our communities locally and abroad.

  • “Summon the Heroes” - We celebrate the heroes and heroines in our communities. We, especially, celebrate the lives, dignity and contribution of our senior citizens, our homebound and infirm. We pledge our commitment to partner with our clients and strategic associates in supporting these often forgotten and neglected treasures of our human family. 

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